Laravel 5.4: New features

By: Muhammad Naeem | 26 Jan 2017 , 6:30am

So Laravel 5.4 is here... let's take a look at some of it's features...
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Muhammad Naeem

It's here: Laravel 5.4

By: Alex Stevens | 24 Jan 2017 , 6:30am

It's finally here! Laravel 5.4!
Tags: Laravel PHP
Alex Stevens

What we learnt from high-profile hacks in 2016

By: Alex Stevens | 16 Jan 2017 , 12:33pm

2016 was a pretty big year for high-profile data breaches. However, it doesn't look like it was made particularly difficult for the hackers if you take a glance at this run down of the year's most widely used hacked passwords.
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Alex Stevens

Laravel 2017: Dates for your calendar

By: Alex Stevens | 14 Jan 2017 , 4:33pm

2016 was such an incredible year for Laravel and the PHP community, it's difficult to imagine how we'll top it! Here's just some key 2017 dates that all Laravel developer's should have in their diaries.
Tags: Laravel PHP
Alex Stevens

2017: 7 facts about PHP7

By: Fahad Ali | 14 Jan 2017 , 8:45am

What's all the hype about? Don't worry - here are the 7 things in less than 7 minutes that you need to know about PHP 7!
Tags: PHP Business
Fahad Ali