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Michael Milo

We found Larasoft online and hired them to help build the second version of our app. We're already an established team, with a product that has lots of paying users. We realised that we'd reached the stage that our team wasn't big enough to deal with all the ongoing product support, as well as developing new features to grow our business. The problem was that we couldn't afford a large expensive in-house development team, so we started looking at outsourcing options.

Technologies used:

  • Laravel 6 LTS

  • Vue.js, Single Page Application for snappy user experience

  • Laravel Cashier for Stripe Subscriptions

  • mySql

  • Bootstrap HTML

  • Laravel Forge for Server Deployment

  • Digital Ocean for on demand servers

  • Laravel Nova Admin area


Integrating with an established team

We've partnered with Larasoft to provide us additional developers to slot into our existing team, in order to rewrite and develop features for our existing platform. All the developers that we worked with were absolutely brilliant, and proved to be a real asset for our team.

"The team at Larasoft are talented and experienced developers - and they provided exactly the services we needed.”

I was especially impressed with the teamwork between all the developers even though they were remote to our existing team. Any issues were fixed really quickly, and communication was great across our standard Slack channel. Larasoft developers fall straight into your team and are able to blend in, allowing you to double or triple your team's productivity.

Responsive Bootstrap HTML across all devices.

Key Features

  • Workout Plans

  • Video Lessons

  • Nutrition Plans with Recipes

  • Lead Generation and Tracking

  • Responsive HTML across devices

  • Per Seat Subscription packages

"They’re always very productive, professional and an asset to our business. I would recommend them to anyone.”

The launch of Coachr V2 has been a real success and we'll continue using Larasoft to provide highly experienced developers, that we know can deploy scalable and easily maintainable code. I have no problem recommending them to any team, whatever the project size.

Built using the latest technology stack, using Laravel for a solid API and Vue.js for a client side frontend.

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