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In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated around 55 percent of global website traffic. There are several reasons why many people prefer mobile devices to laptops, desktops, and tablets for internet browsing. Mobile devices allow users to connect to the internet on the go. They are compact and light (and thereby, easier to carry).

No wonder the number of unique mobile internet users is steadily increasing with each passing year. As smartphone penetration rises, mobile traffic data will increase steadily in the coming years.

Every business, irrespective of its shape and size, needs a mobile-first strategy. Though mobile responsiveness is not an official Google ranking factor (Google has never said mobile responsiveness is a ranking factor on its own), the search engine giant has said that it prefers mobile-responsive websites to websites that have separate sites for mobile and desktop.

A mobile-first strategy can mean prioritizing your businesses’ mobile app over desktop. With a mobile app, you can provide more value to your customers, improve customer loyalty, and build a strong brand.

Many experts recommend responsive design as a best practice. A responsive design lowers production cost, reduces time to market, and delivers a seamless customer experience.

The web design company London knows all these things to create the responsive design. The one thing that will determine your app’s success is its responsiveness. A responsive framework will make your mobile app easy to use, thereby, improving customer experience by leaps and bounds.

If your app is slow, you are missing out on business opportunities. If an app remains unresponsive for a considerable period of time, the system will offer the user an option to quit it.

An unresponsive app will test the patience of your visitors. Bad user experience can break your app. Your visitors can uninstall your app and deflect to the competition. And your nightmare does not end there. Word-of-mouth can spread like wildfire. Bad publicity can negatively affect your sales and reputation.

Mobile-first design has become the need of the hour. A responsive design will do a world of good to your app’s user experience, which in turn results in increased conversions.

Larasoft is committed to helping businesses create a seamless user experience. We are one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in London. Whether you want to build a new app from scratch or want to enhance the performance and responsiveness of an existing one, our team has got you covered.

We follow best practices when creating apps. We will help you select the right framework for your app. We design apps to support multiple OSs and versions. Our apps run and render seamlessly on Windows, Android, and iOS.

Mobile app security is a major concern for businesses. We enforce strong authentication and encrypt mobile communications to secure mobile apps. Our developers keep on top of developments and the latest business technology. When developing an app, they analyse evolving threats and vulnerabilities. They take various steps to protect against these vulnerabilities.

We use fluid/adaptive layouts and create responsive typographies to ensure visitors have a smooth, hassle-free experience while interacting with apps. Mobile devices have limited storage or working memories, limited coverage, and varied network bandwidth. We keep these issues in mind when designing applications.

Mobile devices come in different sizes. Screen resolutions can vary between mobiles. It can be challenging to design the most efficient navigation scheme. We use app navigation best practices to ensure our apps provide an efficient way for users and search engines to find content. When developing an app, we make sure its design will be rendered properly, regardless of what device the user is using.

Our mobile app development experts in London know the ins and outs of developing apps. Every professional has a proven track record of success. Our mobile app development experts expect the best, prepare for the worst. They always have a plan B ready.

Their experience allows them to foresee unforeseen events and project challenges, and plan to circumnavigate them. If we hit an unexpected roadblock, our developers will know what to do to keep your project on track.

Mobile App Development Agency in London

Larasoft is not just a run-of-the-mill mobile app development agency in London. We have years of experience developing intuitive apps. When developing a mobile app, we put ourselves in the end user’s shoes to better understand their concerns, requirements, and expectations. We try to think from their perspective to identify their pain points.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have related to mobile app development.

Larasoft is one of the best Laravel web development company in London, UK having years of expertise in developing the web-application frameworks.

Along with the mobile application development, Larasoft is also a well-recognized SEO agency London having a rich experience in optimizing all types of websites.


Commonly asked questions about Mobile Development.

Netsells is the top android app development company in London, UK. It is a digital agency that specializes in native and cross-platform mobile application development for both iOS and Android platforms. This best company in the UK is about to complete its 10th year anniversary. Its network is spread out in about 40 countries with its top clients like Uber, Trainline, Capita, and Hiscox. Netsells services also include web design, web development, and logo design.

The UK has the best app developers across the globe and the costs also tend to touch the global average. According to the app development pricing, the calculation lands up to about 38,000 to 42,000 pounds. The range varies depending upon the platforms of the app development. Apart from that, the cheapest rate of developing a mobile app may also cost about 15,000 pounds.

In order to increase the effectiveness of your mobile app’s performance, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. They include effective caching for better user experience, compressing and resizing images for efficient performance, minimizing the delay of the launching of the app, making multiple uses of pre-loaded templates, coding it clean, avoiding bugs, and enhancing the usability of the app across the platforms that it is being used at.

The four ways in which you can enhance mobile app performance optimization are: I)Using a CDN to accelerate APIs, in order to reduce payloads, latency, size, and round-trip time. II)Avoiding the use of features that aren’t essential for the performance of the app. III)Clearing cache, resizing images may also help out in the efficiency for the better loading of the data on the app. IV)Making various uses of pre-loaded templates in order to free-up space for more essential features on the app.

Mobile optimization is the flow of making sure that the adjustment of the website content is visible to the users on their mobile phones. It ensures that the size of the content is apt according to the screens of the users and is customized accordingly. It should flow easily from the desktop and mobile devices with an amazing user experience.

To ensure the security of the mobile app, there are certain measures that need to be adapted. They are encrypting most of the data of mobile communications, enforcing strong two-way authentication, protecting the mobile app against device theft to avoid hacking of the data code, scanning mobile apps for avoiding malware, preventing data leaks of the mobile app, and ensuring the protection of the app data on the uploaded devices.

Authentication of a mobile app requires the backend server of the app to send a request with the user’s credentials. The server then identifies the user’s information with a two-way authentication method and a strong API to verify the same is required. This also requires a random session ID of the user’s credentials, which is unique. Any android app requires an OIDC configuration setting for a smoother flow of the verification process for the authentication of a mobile app.

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