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One of the newest additions to the Laravel ecosystem, Laravel Nova is a beautiful admin dashboard for Laravel apps.

Nova allows the user to define a Nova resource that corresponds to every Eloquent model in their application.

Nova was launched in 2018 as the official administration panel for Laravel apps. Since then, it has evolved a lot. Its user experience and performance have improved drastically over the past couple of years. Nova integrates seamlessly with Laravel’s existing authorization policies.

Every type of Eloquent relationship is fully supported. You can even edit the pivot data on your polymorphic many-to-many relationships. With Nova, you can quickly and effortlessly display custom metrics for your application. Nova allows you to generate three types of graphs.

When Nova was launched, people expected it to be a real administration back-office system. Before Nova, alternative CRUD platforms such as Laravel BackPack and QuickAdminPanel were already occupying the niche, but they weren’t official Laravel products.

The launch of Nova took the Laravel community by storm. Though many users experienced initial challenges, it was smooth sailing once they got used to the UI.

Nova is no longer a simple resource management tool. To help you make the most of it, we have compiled a list of six features that you can use while developing your Nova projects.

Dynamic Field Statuses

Version 1.x of Nova allowed the user to use eight methods to control fields visibility. These methods were- hideFromDetail(), hideFromIndex(), hideWhenUpdating(), hideWhenCreating(), onlyOnIndex(), onlyOnForms(),
onlyOnDetail() and exceptOnForms().

The latest version of Nova allows the user to use the show* () methods to show their resource in the respective display context.

New Field Types

Since version 1.x of Nova was released, Laravel has added several new field types to Nova. Some of these field types are

➢       Sparkline Field: Sparkline field can be used to display a small chart within a resource. Different types of data can be displayed within a Sparkline. Typical examples include a callable or an array.

➢       KeyValue field: You can use the interface provided by The KeyValue field to edit key-value data stored in JSON column types.

➢       Searchable select fields: The latest version of Nova has a searchable select field.

➢       Hidden field: The hidden field can be used to apply data computations to be sent to the UI components. It allows users to pass a value in a hidden text input.

➢       Vapor File and Vapor Image Field: Vapor File and Vapor Image Field allow you to upload files or images when deploying applications using Laravel Vapor.

You Can Now Change the Stubs 

Nova version 3.3.0 first made it possible to publish the Nova stubs so the user can tailor them to their needs. The stubs will be published directly in your app folder.

Now It’s Possible to Sort Resources by Priority on the Sidebar 

The feature allows you to sort your resources using a specific attribute. Once you have chosen a specific attribute, the sidebar resources will be sorted by the attribute.

You Can Now Choose Where a Global Search Link Can Take You  

If you want your Global Search Targeted Resource to go to Edit and not to Detail, or vice-versa, add this static property to your Resource.

Public static $globalsearchlink = ‘detail’ ;

It’s Now Possible to Create CSS Themes 

The earlier versions of Nova didn’t allow the user to customize their theme and to tweak it in any way without overriding the CSS code every time a new Nova version was published. But now, you can create your own CSS theme.

You will find a CSS class in the new package at resources/ CSS/ theme.css. You can apply the new Tailwind classes that you wish to use in your Nova instance.

What’s more? You can even fully customize the entire Nova classes. You can enable it using a custom package, then use the Nova::enableThemingClasses() to customize it to your needs. The feature will prefix the Vue components with the string nova-

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