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Luke Baxter

I've been using Laravel Development Agencies for a long time in my day job, so I knew exactly the kind of thing to look for when searching for an Laravel Development Team to take on my side project. As soon as you speak with Alex and his team, you'll immediately recognise the confidence that he speaks about Laravel and web development, as well as the experience that he brings to the table to help deliver the best platform on the budget that you want. I quickly realised they were the right team to help me build OnScreenDB.

Technologies used:

  • Laravel 8

  • Angular.js frontend

  • Stripe & Paypal for Payments

  • mySql 8 Database

  • Laravel Forge for Server Deployment

  • Digital Ocean for server architecture

  • Amazon S3 for Object Storage

  • Extensive API integration


API Automation Heaven...

Building a directory website about Movies and TV Series isn't easy. There's a huge amount of data to think about, and keep updated. In fact, it would be impossible to keep on top of all the data about new Movies to keep the site relevant and up to date. Larasoft had a really impressive depth of knowledge when it came to APIs and integrating them. They were able to automate the entire movie database for me, so much so that the site basically manages itself. There's very little for me to do.

"Larasoft had a really impressive depth of knowledge when it came to APIs...”

The whole process took about 12 months, but what we were able to achieve in that time, and for a reasonable budget, was excellent. There are always going to be issues here and there in a project that spans 12 months, but Larasoft handled everything professionaly and ensured everyone came out happy.


Key Features

  • Beautiful UI

  • Lists of Top and Popular Movies

  • Source of information for Background/Ratings/Actors/Trailers

  • Trailers that open within the site

  • Super snappy interface that reacts immediately

  • Fully automated database management, pulling data from multiple APIs

  • Looks great on Mobile

  • Full Custom Admin panel

"...what we were able to achieve in that time, and for a reasonable budget, was excellent...”

The launch of onScreenDB.com has been a real success and there's no doubt that Larasoft will be our go-to Laravel Developers as we explore more and more exciting features. With the help of Larasoft's Automated Test Scripts, we're able to confidently deploy new stuff without fear of anything else breaking along the way. Anyone that asks me about building or developing Web or Mobile Apps, I always tell them about my experience with Larasoft.


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