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Code building is a multifaceted and complex process. Even expert developers make mistakes. One bad or wrong decision or a procedural error and your code can go south. Errors and flaws can creep in, contaminating it.  If you think your code has flaws, we can do a Laravel code review.

When a client is not sure whether their Laravel code will work or wants to assess its quality, they request us to do a Laravel code review. Code review involves a systematic examination of software source code. The purpose of the exercise is to find bugs and errors. Code review can reveal the vulnerabilities in a code such as memory leaks and buffer overflows.

In an ideal scenario, a code is submitted for review before the QA cycle. Finding and rectifying errors at this stage is relatively inexpensive as compared to the later stages of development.

Why Have Your Source Code Reviewed?

Laravel code reviews matter. A code review can reveal bugs and coding errors and can help prevent problems and headaches at the later stages of development. Code reviews save resources (both time and money) and provide knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Reviewing Laravel codes before merging upstream is a great way to ensure that no code gets in unreviewed. When developers know their codes will be reviewed by peers, they go the extra mile to ensure codes are as well-structured as possible so reviews go smoothly.

Even skilled and experienced developers can make mistakes and miss something. Code reviews reduce risks. A code review team can bring a fresh perspective and can point out errors that got overlooked. Every team member can come up with ideas to improve process efficiency so more can be achieved with less.

Larasoft: Your go-to Team for Source Code Reviews

At Larasoft, we are committed to helping our clients achieve efficiency. Over the years, we have done several Laravel code reviews for development companies. Our clientele includes startups as well as established businesses. Our pros deep dive into codebases to find errors. Their experience and expertise allow them to identify issues overlooked by in-house teams.

We use a comprehensive Laravelcode review checklist. Many experts recommend not to review more than 400 lines of code in one attempt. Instead of trying to review the entire project at once, we divide a review into time slots to avoid overburdening the team.

There is a limit to the human brain’s capacity. If a developer tries to push their limits, they can burn themselves out.  Their ability to detect errors and bugs will decrease significantly and they can miss even glaring errors. We try to create an atmosphere of relaxed intensity wherein developers get enough time to process information. To prevent information overload, we give development team members some breathing space.

We use different Laravel code review tools designed to promote collaboration across teams during the code review process. These tools enable team members to discuss and manage source code changes, review codes, share knowledge and identify bugs and defects.

Our developers are able to speed up development with automated workflows. Our tools allow clients to assign reviewers from across our team and discuss changesets and lines of source codes.

Before starting a review, the review team sets precise goals. Some goals can be- finding more bugs and reducing the percentage of defects and errors by 50 percent. Setting goals, however, is not enough. We also set KPIs, metrics and performance measures. These metrics can help determine

  • The number of bugs found per hour
  • The average number of bugs per code line, and
  • Review speed

A code review can sometimes put a strain on relationships within the review team. We try to keep a friendly environment. We view every bug as a learning opportunity.

After we have discovered all the bugs, we discuss them with the creator. Once all the changes are approved, we submit them into the source code.

Continuous improvement is the name of the game. At the end of every review, we analyze the entire process to identify any mistakes. We use our findings to identify process improvement opportunities.

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