SIA Control Room

A Digital Platform for Security Services, from concept idea to a commercially viable SaaS

Glanville Williams

From concept idea to a commercially viable SaaS.

We partnered with Larasoft from the very begining of our project and benefited from the wealth of knowledge and guidance around pitfalls that we'd have otherwise fallen foul of. Larasoft were able to ask all the right questions and provide useful steers.

Technologies used:

  • Laravel 6 LTS

  • mySql

  • Laravel Cashier for Stripe Subscriptions

  • Stripe Connect for managed accounts

  • Bootstrap HTML

  • Laravel Forge for Server Deployment

  • Digital Ocean for on demand servers


Creating something from nothing

Once we'd put together our intial concept and idea for the platform, Larasoft jumped straight in to creating it. Before long, we had a very basic prototype to start playing with and feeding back ideas on. This was great in those early stages to help us steer the priority of feature development and focus on our end users' experience.

“Larasoft have a depth of expertise, flexibility and cost effectiveness that is hard to find.”

Larasoft have created a robust platform for our clients, a feature-rich portal for security companies to manage their entire operation from the Cloud. We've also built a mobile app to allow security personnel to access the system natively from their smartphones.

Built using Laravel 6 LTS, offering full security operation management

Key Features

  • 3 user types with their own dashboards

  • Whitelabel for Security Companies

  • Custom Client Domains

  • Mobile App built in React

  • Laravel API

  • Stripe Connect allowing payments direct to contractor's bank account

"From concept idea to commercially viable SaaS. Larasoft has proved invaluable to us along our journey.”

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