Factory callbacks

While using factories for seeding data, you can provide Factory Callback functions to perform some action after record is inserted.

$factory->afterCreating(App\User::class, function ($user, $faker) { $user->accounts()->save(factory(App\Account::class)->make());});

Generate Images with Seeds/Factories

Did you know that Faker can generate not only text values but also IMAGES? See avatar field here - it will generate 50x50 image:

$factory->define(User::class, function (Faker $faker) { return [ 'name' => $faker->name, 'email' => $faker->unique()->safeEmail, 'email_verified_at' => now(), 'password' => bcrypt('password'), 'remember_token' => Str::random(10), 'avatar' => $faker->image(storage_path('images'), 50, 50) ];});

Override values and apply custom login to them

When creating records with Factories, you can use Sequence class to override some values and apply custom logic to them.

$users = User::factory() ->count(10) ->state(new Sequence( ['admin' => 'Y'], ['admin' => 'N'], )) ->create();

Using factories with relationships

When using factories with relationships, Laravel also provides magic methods.

// magic factory relationship methodsUser::factory()->hasPosts(3)->create();// instead ofUser::factory()->has(Post::factory()->count(3))->create();

Tip given by @oliverds_

Create models without dispatching any events

Sometimes you may wish to update a given model without dispatching any events. You may accomplish this using the updateQuietly method

Post::factory()->createOneQuietly();Post::factory()->count(3)->createQuietly();Post::factory()->createManyQuietly([ ['message' => 'A new comment'], ['message' => 'Another new comment'],]);

Useful for() method

The Laravel factory has a very useful for() method. You can use it to create belongsTo() relationships.

public function run(){ Product::factory() ->count(3); ->for(Category::factory()->create()) ->create(); }

Tip given by @mmartin_joo

Run factories without dispatching events

If you want to create multiple records using Factory without firing any Events, you can wrap your code inside a withoutEvents closure.

$posts = Post::withoutEvents(function () { return Post::factory()->count(50)->create();});

Tip given by @TheLaravelDev

Specify dependencies in the run() method

You can specify dependencies in the run() method of your seeder.

class DatabaseSeeder extends Seeder{ public function run() { $user = User::factory()->create(); $this->callWith(EventSeeder::class, [ 'user' => $user ]); }}
class EventSeeder extends Seeder{ public function run(User $user) { Event::factory() ->when($user, fn($f) => $f->for('user')) ->for(Program::factory()) ->create(); }}

Tip given by @justsanjit

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