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Certified Quality.
Great Prices.

We're a friendly & reliable Laravel Web Development Company with a proven track record that gets the job done, on time and on budget.

Laravel Experts

We've been working with Laravel PHP Framework for a long time. We consider ourselves pros in the Laravel space, if there's anything you need developed, we can handle it with Laravel.

Responsive Web Design

Hire an expert laravel developer and we can build the best looking modern designs using Bootstrap to ensure your site stays responsive across all devices.

Proven High Quality Code

You can rest assured that your code will follow Strict Standards by putting our developers through the Laravel Certified Programme.

Laravel Certified

Official Laravel
Certified Company

With Larasoft, you don't have to rely on your gut. As an officially recognised Laravel Certified Company, you know you're in safe hands. Check out the official site here.

Most Reliable Web Development Agency Award


Using Larasoft to build your site means never sweating the small technical stuff. Our incredible team of highly experienced developers will handle everything from Design and Development, from Concept to Completion. Contact now the best laravel development company.

Reliable Codebase

Highly Scalable

Server Management

Tech Support

Best Laravel Developers

Laravel Development Services

We have lots of experience building
web & mobile applications.

We've built almost a hundred web and mobile apps over the years, and we've perfected our processes over time.

Laravel developers since 2012

We've been developing with Laravel since its very early days. We're the only Laravel Web Application development company you need.

SPA with Vue.js

We can build the latest Single Page Applications using Vue.js, giving unmatched speed and user experience. We offer all Laravel Web Development services.

Deep understanding of the ecosystem

We've watched Laravel and PHP grow over the years and understand it better than almost anyone. Hire a Laravel expert, and get your project completed first time.

Laravel Admin Panel

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our Laravel application development services over the years. built with Laravel

"... we could not be happier with the relationship. They're super responsive, transparent and detailed in all they do and the quality of what has been delivered has been excellent.”

Patricia Valerio built with Laravel

"Larasoft has been pivotal in the launch and success of multiple projects of ours. They have been incredibly responsive when we've needed them and helped us when we've been in real need. They are the most competent developers I've worked with.”

Ryan Kenny
SIA platform built with Laravel and Vue.js

"We have worked with Larasoft for a number of years. From concept idea to a commercially viable SaaS. Larasoft have a depth of expertise, flexibility and cost effectiveness that is hard to find and has proved invaluable to us along our journey.”

web development

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the heavy lifting.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about cross-browser request forgery, SQL injections and keeping your components up to date. Leave the Laravel application development to us, and don't sweat the small stuff.







2021 Award Winning

SME Awards
UK Enterprise

You can rely on us to complete your web development project to a high standard. In fact, we've been awarded the Most Reliable Web Development Agency in the UK Enterprise category for the SME Awards 2021.

Most Reliable Web Development Agency Award

Laravel Development Company

Simple pricing, your way.

Whatever your business requirements, we can provide you with the web services you need. If you need to hire Laravel developer, our pricing is designed to be simple and transparent, so you can spend time on more important things.

Self Managed
Project Managed
Junior Dev

per hour | excl VAT

Tracked hours

Full Stack Junior Developer

Great for existing teams looking to increase their productivity

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Senior dev

per hour | excl VAT

Tracked hours

Full Stack Senior Developer

Laravel Certified

Complex Projects

Enterprise Software

Server Architect

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Fixed Price

per project

You send us your Project Scope

We send you a Quote for your Approval

Outside of Scope Creep, the price you see is Fixed

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Do I own my code?

Absolutely. Our standard service agreement gives full ownership of the code to the client.


Do you provide long term support after launch?

Yes. We provide lots of service level agreements for various requirements.


Can I test my application on a server?

Yes. We deploy a staging server for you to test the development of the code as we go along. We're always keen to hear your feedback.


I'm looking for a new dev team to complete a partially completed project. Can you help?

Yup! We've inherited many projects over the years at various stages of development. Get in touch and let's talk about where you're at.


Can you review my codebase?

Of course, we provide a standard code review service for £295 to check the complaince of your codebase. We make no code changes, but we provide you with a thorough report detailing any issues and recommendations to rectify. Please allow 4 working days.


Can you update my codebase to the latest version of Laravel?

Yes! Our standard Upgrade service is £195 per codebase. This only covers the core upgrade, and does not include any bespoke work required to enable any package dependencies that may not support your targeted version.

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Best Laravel Development Company

Certified Quality. Great Prices.

Are you looking to build a website like Studocu, Github, or even YouTube? If you thought it was an undoable task or an expensive one, think again! Larasoft is a leading larval development company that can leverage the power of an open-source PHP framework to help build your company a state-of-the-art web and mobile application.

Why Choose Larasoft?

Larasoft is a one of its kind software development company in London. We have a passionate team of web and mobile app developers who have years of experience in building all kinds of custom Laravel applications and websites that have high performance and low downtime. Our web developers' functional and domain expertise in web and mobile development will help build a website that caters to your company's motto and goals. Our Laravel developers strive to stay up to date with all Laravel offerings and deliver seamless, robust, scalable and highly secure Laravel web pages.

At Larasoft, we offer our world-class Laravel web development services to large companies and enterprises and small businesses and startups who may be looking for customisable applications to migrate their existing web pages.

If you are looking for a web development company in London to build your website on the Laravel platform, look no further than Larasoft. Contact us today to speak with one of our web developers, who will help you strategise and build a website like no other. Call us today at 0207 1015034.

Performance Metrics

All the Laravel applications that we build at Larasoft are designed keeping in mind critical performance metrics such as query time, app threshold, function execution time, queue time, and response time. In order to improve the performance of your web page and applications, we follow best practices such as limiting plugin usage, route caching, config caching, JIT compiler and so on.


Touted as the best Laravel development company in London, Larasoft believes in staying abreast of all new technological advancements. We strive to deliver frequent and reliable feature releases and use DevOps for better software quality and collaboration. Our skilled cross-functional experts will help you strategise and build a solution that uses the right technology and innovative practices that will make your web page accessible across all devices.

Client Engagement

At Larasoft, we believe in customer satisfaction and engage all our clients throughout the web development process. We strive to deliver a perfect solution based on your needs that is sure to have a positive impact on your business. Our Laravel developers will keep you updated on the progress at the end of every sprint, take into account any feedback you may have, and implement it, so your web solution is exactly the way you envisioned it to be.


Larasoft is a Laravel web development company like no other in London. We understand that security is of paramount importance. Hence, we use best security practices such as PDO, fast debugging, and SQL injections to fix security vulnerabilities before launching your website.

Agile Development Approach

At Larasoft, we pride ourselves on what we do. We focus on customer delight and aim to deliver the best solution in a shorter sprint. We have a team of Laravel developers who work hand in hand with certified scrum masters and product owners who have an agile mindset. The solutions we offer are in line with our customer's needs and help maximise their business and return on investment. Unlike other Laravel service providers, we are open to continuous feedback that we take into account to enhance our processes, products, and Laravel development services.

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