What is software development and why is it important?

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

Software development is the process of creating (developing) a software program out of an idea, which eventually becomes a project. There are various aspects of software development, including purpose, target audience (target users), features, etc. While these aspects are typically defined by a person or company who wants to develop the software, software developers are those who develop software according to the requirements.

If you have a great software product idea that can serve and benefit millions of people or a significant number of companies (B2B software), you need to take further steps toward software development. Consider a reliable software development company in London to convert your dreams or ideas into reality.

 Key phases of software development


Project requirements


This phase is important to keep things crystal clear. During an initial consultation with a team of developers, the one who owns the software idea shares their requirements regarding the software they want to develop. This includes the purpose of the software, what it will actually do, what features it must include, and many more factors discussed during this phase.


Project planning


Before beginning to work on the project, developers prepare a plan to prepare a framework of tasks and everything relevant. Including the client in planning, developers determine the number of resources required, how much it can cost, how much time it will take, etc.


The coding phase


The next phase is when the developers start to work on the software development project. Most software development projects are usually distributed among individual developers who work on different modules, eventually joining all the modules together during the coding phase itself. Note that if you are planning to create cloud-based software, consider consulting a web design company in London before you begin to work on it.


Software testing


Testing is one of the most important phases of successful software development. It is essential to examine software before launching it for use. Not only does this phase tests the functioning capabilities of the software, it also tests its capacity to operate smoothly without any glitches. Testing helps identify and fix issues before submitting the project to the client.


The handover


Once the software is tested and takes its final stage, developers submit the software development project to the client for the final deployment. This phase also includes multiple training sessions provided by developers to the client company’s team.


Post-deployment maintenance


This phase most likely never ends. Since computer science and technology are ever-advancing, the software requires regular updates over time. For instance, security, integration, functioning, and data-transfer issues can occur at any time. Hence, the software should be monitored regularly in order to improve or fix issues whenever necessary.


Today’s digital-first world demands software applications; from manufacturing mills to schools, hospitals to restaurants, they use one almost everywhere. If you have a great project in mind, it is the best time to get it developed into complete software. Larasoft can help you give it life. Contact us today to share your software development requirements. Call +44 0207 1015034.

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

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