Software Development Company in London

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

Software Development Company in London

In today’s fast-changing business world, companies across industries must go beyond limits regarding technology utilization. As a business owner, you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and getting potential customers to your website might not be enough. You need to enhance business operations, customer relationships, and finance management -the list is long.

You might already use some software to manage different aspects of your business. At Larasoft, a reliable software development company in London, we help you fulfill your business’s software development needs, delivering you the best customer experience by meeting your expectations.

Although we have managed multiple innovative, complex, and almost all software development projects, we are experts in the following categories.


Today’s customers are more informed than ever before. Their demands, expectations, and choices are changing fast, indicating that your business, too, needs to adapt to the change. So here comes the need for an efficient customer relationship management system that integrates with your POS system, inventory management tools, and order processing system. Our developers, with vast industry experience, can develop a CRM system that allows you to manage it all.

Manage customer data, integrate customer communication channels, send automated notifications, and always be prepared for customer support using one CRM software.


Your workforce is the backbone of your company. You surely want to utilize it in the best manner. Human resource management is one of the most challenging areas of any business, and your HR personnel would know that. Get your HR staff an automation-powered HRM software that helps you manage employees from recruitment to relieving.

Make employee data management easier and more secure Integrate the HRM with employee work time and attendance system. Manage leaves and process payroll faster. Achieve higher employee satisfaction.


Enterprise resource planning software is a highly-efficient system that helps you manage almost all areas of your business. While these are best for manufacturing and sub-industries businesses, they can benefit companies with multiple entities or subsidiaries equally. So if you are looking for a dependable software development company in London for ERP software development, you can trust us.

Larasoft’s qualified and trained software developers understand your business’s needs regarding an ERP system and provide you with the best ERP system for your company’s best interests.

Software Development Outsourcing

Are you running a software development company that has loads of work and finds it challenging to meet clients’ demands? Are you facing a resource crunch? If so, we are here to help you. Outsource software development to us, and rest assured about the projects. We offer customized software development solutions that fit your needs and budget.

How Do We Do It?

Step 1: The Quotation

As you contact us, we will assign our best software development experts to discuss your software requirements thoroughly. Based on the information provided, we will prepare a plan of action keeping your needs into consideration and a quote describing the project's cost.

Rest assured, as our prices are affordable, we ensure our customers’ every pound is invested right and brings the ROI you expect.

We will certainly reconsider the action plan and improve it according to your special requirements. It is to ensure we completely understand your needs before starting your project.

Step 2: The Designing Phase

We consistently train our software designers and developers to be updated about the latest trends in software development, bringing out the best in your software.

From icon designing to UI/UX designing, we keep you notified about ongoing project developments, even helping you take a deeper, visual look into the different stages of your software as we go ahead.

Step 3: The Development Phase

We will assign our expert software developers filled with passion and dedication to tackle development challenges and build the software well in time. We will also enable you to use a fast and secure medium to communicate with the project manager, team leaders, and the team to oversee your software as we continue to achieve further milestones.

Our developers pay special attention to the coding process while also handling other important tasks. As glitches or errors occur, they fix them completely promptly.

Step 4: The Testing & Deployment Phase

We make sure to meet your expectations, and for that, we test the software before we actually deploy it for your utilization. We have QC and QA teams to ensure the software quality remains intact. We leave no room for bugs, ensuring your software’s efficient performance.

Once we know its smooth and user-friendly interface’s capabilities and optimum functionality, we will let you see it and test it. Only then we deploy it.

Step 5: Optimisation Support

We take complete responsibility for the software’s excellent performance, and to ensure that, we assign a team of technical support personnel to your project. That way, we ensure you are not left alone after its deployment and guide you to utilize it effectively. In case any issues occur post-deployment, we will be right there to resolve them and any of your queries.

We have the proper knowledge and expertise to cater to businesses in the following industries.

1). Retail

2). Manufacturing

3). Logistics

4). Finance

5). Healthcare

6). Legal

7). Real Estate

8). Construction

9). Education

10). Automotive

11). Entertainment

12). Hospitality

13). Insurance

How We Are Different!

Larasoft is a client-centric software development company in London with a team of qualified IT specialists catering to businesses worldwide with the best and most affordable software development services.

On-time project delivery

Variable pricing model

Customized solutions

Served 30+ clients across the UK & USA.

45+ projects delivered successfully.

Our software development solutions are agile, customizable, and scalable to meet your needs now and in the future. So let’s connect to talk about your software development needs. Larasoft is the perfect and best laravel web development services company in London, UK, offering an agile framework and technology to develop customized websites.

With comprehensive and advanced technology, our web design company in London offers attractive and effective responsive designs that fit all devices. Call us at tel: 0207-101-5034, and one of our best representatives will further assist you.

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

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