Top Web Development Trends and Techniques In 2022

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

The web development trend in 2022 will depend on user experience and preferences. Many trends will emerge, and web designers will have to alter their techniques based on that. Here are the top web development trends and styles you should incorporate to be ahead of your competitors.

Use Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and chatbots can simplify many tasks. You can use it to provide online support to customers 24*7. Chatbots can solve fundamental issues. It is predicted that by mid-2022, 70 percent of the portals will depend on artificial intelligence to conduct self-training based on requests and data. Chatbots will communicate with the customers and answer their questions. It will increase customer engagement and provide a better user experience. Another predicted trend is the possibility of organizing payments through bot systems.

PWA and AMP Apps

The progressive web application helps the users view the content in the mobile browser. The browser adapts to the size of the phone. It allows companies to attract users and increase their customer base. Use of the PWA application results in fast viewing of content. The AMP is another excellent alternative. It provides excellent support for animation and video content. Using PWA and AMP tasks reduces the development process.

Use Voice Navigation and Control

Voice search and navigation have become very popular. Users do not have time to write long queries. Hence, they prefer voice control. There is a significant demand for voice tools in the market. It is high time for website designers to integrate voice navigation and control into their websites.

Web Assembly Technology

Javascript is the primary language used in web development. However, if the portal requires complex calculations, work speed can be severely hampered. It can result in poor user experience due to lags. Therefore you can use web assembly to resolve such issues. It is a new technology with which you can write code using any programming language. The Web Assembly compiles the code into bytecode, launched by the browser.

Use Serverless Architecture

The use of serverless technology ensures no overload. In addition to that, it eliminates data loss. As a result, all the calculations take place on cloud resources. It creates a solid structure for the application. Serverless architecture is a cost-effective method and can be done on a low budget.

Apply Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling was introduced due to the appearance of smartphones. Small screens cannot display all the elements. Scrolling allows you to apply UI trends. Hence, you should execute horizontal scrolling on your website to make it optimized for mobile browsers.

Use the TypeScript Programming

Web developers are expected to simplify the workflows and improve the user experience. The TypeScript programming was developed to fix issues in Javascript. So, TypeScript will build the front end of the website more effectively. The code is easier to understand and less prone to errors.

These are the trends that web design company London based companies should follow. The focus should be on providing a satisfactory user experience by making your website up-to-date with the help of the latest technologies.

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Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

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