Laravel v7.6.0 released

Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

Laravel v7.6.0 is released in 2020/04/14, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.


  • Added Collection::until() method (#32262)
  • Added HtmlString::isEmpty() method (#32289#32300)
  • Added Illuminate\Support\Stringable::isNotEmpty() method (#32293)
  • Added ltrim() and rtrim() methods to Illuminate\Support\Stringable class (#32288)
  • Added ability to skip a middleware (#32347412261c)
  • Added Illuminate\Http\Client\Response::object() method (#32341)
  • Set component alias name (#32346)
  • Added Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection::append() method (#32324)
  • Added "between" clauses for BelongsToMany pivot columns (#32364)
  • Support retryAfter() method option on Queued Listeners (#32370)
  • Added support for the new composer installed.json format (#32310)
  • Added uuid change support in migrations (#32316)
  • Allowed store resource into postgresql bytea (#32319)


  • Fixed *scan methods for phpredis (#32336)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Auth\Notifications\ResetPassword::toMail() (#32345)
  • Call setLocale in Illuminate\Translation\Translator::__construct() (1c6a504)
  • Used a map to prevent unnecessary array access in Illuminate\Http\Resources\Json\PaginatedResourceResponse::toResponse() (#32296)
  • Prevent timestamp update when pivot is not dirty (#32311)
  • Fixed CURRENT_TIMESTAMP precision bug in Illuminate\Database\Schema\Grammars\MySqlGrammar (#32298)


  • Added default value to HtmlString constructor (#32290)
  • Used BindingResolutionException to signal problem with container resolution (#32349)
  • Illuminate\Validation\Concerns\ValidatesAttributes.php ::validateUrl() use Symfony/Validator 5.0.7 regex (#32315)


  • Depreciate the elixir function (#32366)


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Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

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