Laravel v7.10.0 released

Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

Laravel v7.10.0 is released in 2020/05/05, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.

v7.10.0 (2020-05-05)


  • Added artisan make:cast command (#32594)
  • Added Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\Concerns\InteractsWithDatabase::assertDatabaseCount() (#32597)
  • Allow configuring the auth_mode for SMTP mail driver (#32616)
  • Added hasNamedScope() function to the Base Model (#32622#32631)
  • Allow doing truth-test assertions with just a closure (#32626f69ad9022d6fca)
  • Run pagination count as subquery for group by and havings (#32624)
  • Added Callbacks with Output to Console Schedule (#3263335a78838d8d620)
  • Added Cache::lock() support for the database cache driver (#32639573831b)
  • Same-session ID request concurrency limiting (#32636)
  • Add skipUntil and skipWhile methods to the collections (#32672#32676)
  • Support delete with limit on sqlsrv (f16d325)
  • Added mergeFillable() and mergeGuarded() to Model (#32679)


  • Prevents a memory leak in Faker (2228233)
  • Fixed setting component name and attributes (#32599f8ff3ca)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestResponse::assertSessionHasInput() (f0639fd)
  • Set relation connection on eager loaded MorphTo (#32602)
  • Filtering null's in hasMorph() (#32614)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Foundation\Console\EventMakeCommand::alreadyExists() (7bba4bf)
  • Fixed Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Schedule::compileParameters() (cfc3ac936e215d)
  • Fixed bug with model name in Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\RelationNotFoundException::make() (f72a166)
  • Allow trashed through parents to be included in has many through queries (#32609)


  • Changed Illuminate/Database/Eloquent/Relations/Concerns/AsPivot::fromRawAttributes() (6c502c1)
  • Restore оnly common relations (#32613d82f78b48e4d60)
  • Use single space if plain email is empty in Illuminate\Mail\Mailer::addContent() (0557622)
  • Remove wasted file read when loading package manifest in Illuminate\Foundation\PackageManifest::getManifest() (#32646)
  • Do not change character and collation for some columns on change (fccdf7c)
  • Use table name when resolving has many through / one relationships (8d69454)


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Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

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