Laravel v6.4.1 released

Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

Laravel v6.4.1 is released in 2019/10/29, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.

v6.4.1 (2019-10-29)


  • Added ScheduledTaskSkipped event when a scheduled command was filtered from running (#30407)
  • Added Login timeout expired to DetectsLostConnections (#30362)
  • Added missing method to Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem and Illuminate\Filesystem\FilesystemAdapter classes (#30441)


  • Make vendor:publish command more informative (#3040865d040d)
  • Accepted underscores URL in the URL validator (#30417)
  • Updated artisan down output to be consistent with artisan up (#30422)
  • Changed !empty to isset for changing redis database (#30420)
  • Throw an exception when signing route got in parameter keys signature (#3044471af732)


  • Fixed of retrieving view config in ServiceProvider::loadViewsFrom() for Lumen (#30404)


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Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

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