Laravel v6.12.0 released

Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

Laravel v6.12.0 is released in 2020/01/21, here are the changes we`ve merged into this release.


  • Added ServiceProvider::loadFactoriesFrom() method (#31133)
  • Added TestResponse::dumpSession() method (#31131)
  • Added Str::isUuid() method (#31148)
  • Restored phpunit 7 support (#31113)
  • Added Request::boolean() method (#31160)
  • Added Database\Eloquent\FactoryBuilder::createMany() (#311716553d59)
  • Added missing options for PhpRedis (#31182)


  • Fixed Cache\RedisLock::acquire() (#311688683a3d)
  • Fixed database url parsing for connections with no database specified (#31185)
  • Prevent ambiguous column with table name prefix (#31174)


  • Fixed memory usage on downloading large files (#31163)


  • Replace Event Dispatcher in resolved cache repositories when Event::fake() is used (#311190a70beb)


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Tania Blindaruk
Tania Blindaruk

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