Laracon Online 2020

Taylor Otwell
Taylor Otwell

Hey everyone!

As many of you know, we had to cancel Laracon US 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions. While unfortunate, it led me to step back and rethink the current Laracon landscape.

Typically, I make the year's major feature announcements live on stage at Laracon US. This is an incredibly exciting time, but it bothers me that many people around the world will never get a chance to experience those announcements live.

So, this year we are pumped to launch a brand-new, summer edition of Laracon Online. This is where I will be sharing all of the cool features and tools coming in the next release of Laravel with thousands of developers in over one hundred countries around the world. In fact, I've decided to make this the main venue I make major feature announcements beyond 2020 as well. I want as many developers as possible to be able to stream and chat about the latest Laravel goodies.


Laracon Online 2020 features essentially the same speaker line-up that was announced for Laracon US 2020, including myself and Jeffrey Way. We will also be adding a few more faces to the line-up over the coming weeks! Of course, we will be offering the same forum-based live discussion we have offered in the previous years. I will also be opening a new Laracon channel on the official Laravel Discord server for real-time chatting.

It's possible that Laracon US will return for a live, in-person event in 2021. I sure would like to see all of your faces again! But, the event will likely have an emphasis on deep-diving into the nitty-gritty details of the feature announcements made during our online event.

Our winter edition of Laracon Online will debut early next year with a new format to differentiate it from the summer event. We aren't quite sure what this will look like at the moment, but have considered making it a "workshop" focused event.

I want to give a special shout-out to Few, who was able to quickly remix their Laracon US 2020 website design with a fresh global flavor. I think you'll love it!

Tickets for Laracon Online 2020 are now available on the Laracon Online website. Snag yours and get ready for a full day of wonderful talks and exciting announcements!

Taylor Otwell
Taylor Otwell

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