How Are Web Design and SEO Interrelated?

Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

The website ranking is not based only on SEO. There are numerous factors involved in the whole process. The display of the website on different devices is an essential factor in SEO. A proper design makes the site attractive for the users and increases the webpage speed. A majority of the SEO consultant services London focus equally on SEO and web design.

According to an experienced website designer, websites with a stunning design but lack proper SEO would never rank in the search engine results pages. At the same time, SEO fails if the website's design is incorrect. Hence, all these factors prove how web design and SEO are interrelated. Here are the five elements in which both the SEO and Web design go together:

Page Loading Speed

A site with a slow loading speed will never rank up in the search engine results pages. Some websites use high-resolution images with enormous sizes, while some may have coding issues. This impacts the loading speed. High loading speeds will harm SEO. Therefore, to speed up your website, you should optimize the image size. Implementing the Accelerated Mobile Pages or Progressive Web Apps technology has proven effective in increasing site speed.

Poor On-page SEO

SEO is divided into three parts- on-the-page, off-the-page, and technical SEO. On-page SEO refers to the optimization of the page. It involves appropriate keywords, image optimization, internal linking, etc. The website design must take the on-site SEO structure into account and make suitable changes to the SEO structure. Many sites do not have a well-built navigation menu. It harms the sitemap and makes it difficult for the crawler to understand your website. As a result, the ranking of the website goes down.

Poor Use of Graphical Elements

Website designers who do not know about SEO tend to use large images that increase loading speed. Issues arise from the problems in Java Design. Googlebot does not crawl such applications, and hence, the content used in those applications will never be indexed.

Easy Read design

The design has a massive impact on the content quality. Poor web design makes it impossible for users to read the content. It adversely affects the ranking of the site due to poor user experience. Pages with content in a strange place or overuse of hyperlinks spoil the readability of the content. Emphasis should be placed on spacing, font size, text color, size, etc., to fix readability issues.


The website must always be mobile-friendly. The 2019 Google algorithm update started considering mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. The number of users searching through desktops has reduced significantly in the last few years. The bounce rate of poor mobile optimization websites increases which sends wrong signals to the Google Ranking algorithm. Remember, poor mobile optimization means alienating almost half of your target audience. Hence, designers should ensure that the mobile version of the site is easy to scroll and has appropriate text sizes for small screens.

Therefore, the combination of proper web design and SEO can boost your website ranking and reduce the bounce rate. If you want to improve the design of your website, then you should reach out to Ltd. It is the best web design company London has ever produced and offers the following services:

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Alex Stevens
Alex Stevens

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