Envoyer: Selectable Deployment Hooks

James Brooks
James Brooks

Envoyer's powerful deployment hook system allows you to create bespoke deployment plans for your projects. Envoy can install your dependencies and compile your assets or even interact with third-party APIs. Our customers use deployment hooks to create powerful, custom deployment solutions for their applications.

Today we're introducing the ability to quickly disable certain hooks before deploying your project:

Previously, this meant editing each of the hooks that you wanted to skip and disabling them on all servers. Now, you can select the hooks that should be skipped for a given deployment directly from the deployment confirmation window.

The Deploy Project window will only show hooks that are active on at least one server. If a hook is checked, that hook will be run on its configured servers. If unchecked, the hook will not be run on any servers during the deployment.

If you don’t have a Envoyer account, now is a great time to sign up! Envoyer allows you to deploy with zero-downtime, so your sites remain available all of the time.

James Brooks
James Brooks

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