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Music Streaming.

Check out our show case music streaming app, streams from youtube, but looks and feels like spotify. Built by Expert Laravel Developers.

Free built with Laravel

"... we could not be happier with the relationship. They're super responsive, transparent and detailed in all they do and the quality of what has been delivered has been excellent.”

Patricia Valerio

Certify Skills Ltd built with Laravel

"Larasoft has been pivotal in the launch and success of multiple projects of ours. They have been incredibly responsive when we've needed them and helped us when we've been in real need. They are the most competent developers I've worked with.”

Ryan Kenny



Albums and Artists.
Super quick and responsive.

Just start typing and see all your favourite artists with artwork alongside. Rich search results make finding the music you like a beautiful experience.



< 1sec





Tune is completely free to use.

Tune uses YouTube to stream music, please don't use Tune to stream music commercially.

Night Mode

We all work late.
Go easy on your eyes with night mode.

We pride ourselves on building platforms that are enjoyable to use, by everyone, all the time. We know what it's like to be staring at a bright screen, so our Expert Design & Development team have given you night mode to help you go easy on your eyes.



Commonly asked questions

Yes, we do an All Access Pass for all our platforms. Price starts from £60/month depending on your needs, please get in touch here: Contact Us

Yes, Tune uses only official API's from youtube, spotify and other 3rd party sites and does not violate any terms of service.Note:If you are using Tune for commercial purposes, you should review the terms of service for the data providers you are using in order to make sure that usage of the in your particular case is allowed.

Yes, we whitelabel all our products for resale in your region. Please Contact Us if you'd like to become a reseller.

Yes, our Expert Laravel Developers and Web Designers have built Dark mode into every user interface.

Yes, our Expert Laravel Developers and Web Designers are ready to help you built your dream. Using our extensive knowledge of Laravel and web development, we can efficiently build your platform and help you launch your product. Check out our Laravel Developerment Services here.

Get it done

Want to build your own Platform?

Stop wasting time. Hire Larasoft to build your app from scratch and leverage our expertise developed from years of building apps like yours. We're Laravel Experts with all the web services you might need.

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